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Best Clubs Zürich: A Guide to the Top 20 Best Clubs in Zürich

Zürich is known for its stunning scenery, delicious chocolates, and of course, its vibrant nightlife. For those seeking an unforgettable night out, the city boasts a plethora of clubs catering to all tastes. Whether you're into techno, hip hop, or just want to dance the night away, Zürich has you covered.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at 20 of the best clubs Zürich has to offer, as well as some fun facts about the club scene in Zürich. Get ready to experience the excitement and energy of Zürich's nightlife! Read more to find a full list of the best clubs in Zürich.

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What are the Best Clubs In Zürich?

Conclusion: The Ultimate Nightlife Guide to Zürich's Best Clubs in 2023

If you're planning a night out in Zürich in 2023, you're in for a treat. The city is a mecca for nightlife enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of clubs that cater to all tastes and styles. From the legendary Kaufleuten, known for its rich cultural programs and upscale amenities, to Hive, the veteran of the electronic club scene in Zurich-West, the city's clubbing landscape is as varied as it is vibrant.

For those who love electronic music, clubs like Hive, Supermarket Club, and Zukunft are the places to be. These venues are the pulse of Zürich's electronic music scene, featuring local talents and international DJs alike. If you're into more alternative vibes, Stall 6 and Sender offer a unique atmosphere with a focus on indie and alternative music genres.

For a more upscale experience, Plaza Club and ICON Club offer a luxurious setting complete with multi-colored disco dance floors and high-end technologies. These venues are perfect for those looking to party in style. On the other hand, if you're looking for something more laid-back, Exil and Club Bellevue offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy live music and cultural events.

LGBTQ+ friendly options like Heldenbar offer a welcoming environment for everyone, making it the longest-running regular queer event in Zurich. And let's not forget about the hidden gems like Gonzo, the underground rock club, and Frieda's Büxe, known for its legendary after-hours parties.

Whether you're a fan of hip-hop, R'n'B, Latin music, or electronic beats, Zürich's club scene has something for everyone. From the trendy Langstrasse to the cultural heart of the city, each club offers a unique experience that promises a night of fun, dancing, and unforgettable memories.

So, if you're looking to explore the best clubs in Zürich in 2023, this guide has got you covered. Dress to impress, gather your friends, and get ready to dance the night away in some of the most exciting clubs in Switzerland's party capital.

Top 10 Fun Facts About Clubs in Zurich:

  1. Zurich is home to some of the world's most famous DJs and electronic music producers, including Paul Kalkbrenner and Luciano.
  2. The city's nightlife scene is so diverse that you can find a club for every type of music genre, from techno to hip hop to indie.
  3. Zurich has a rich history of clubbing, with some venues dating back to the 19th century.
  4. Many clubs in Zurich have a strict dress code, so make sure to dress up if you want to make it past the bouncers.
  5. The city's clubs have been known to attract international celebrities and artists, such as Beyonce and Jay-Z.
  6. Zurich is also home to some of the most exclusive and luxurious clubs in the world, such as Kaufleuten and Jade.
  7. The city's clubs often have strict age restrictions, with some venues only allowing entry for those 25 and older.
  8. Zurich's clubbing scene is not limited to just weekends - many venues host events throughout the week, including mid-week parties and after-work drinks.
  9. Some clubs in Zurich offer unique experiences, such as Frau Gerolds Garten's outdoor clubbing scene, where you can dance under the stars surrounded by greenery.
  10. Clubbing in Zürich can be expensive, with cover charges ranging from CHF 20 to CHF 50 or more.