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About us

We are Nytez. The company that strives to help others have the best night out possible. To find the venues and activities that you would enjoy. To ensure that every possible thing that could go right, goes right. This is our goal. We aim to finally digitalize the nightlife industry and solve the problems that should already have been solved decades ago.

The problem

When one of the founders reached the legal age to explore the local nightlife scene, they encountered various challenges. They had questions like: Which bars and clubs are the best? Where do acquaintances usually go? Will I be allowed entry or am I too young? How can I get on guestlists without knowing bouncers or club owners? Can I afford the entry fees?

There were numerous obstacles to a simple night out. They often had to wait in queues only to be rejected at the door for being too young on certain nights like "25+" events. It seemed that the only way to enjoy a night out was through connections, and if they didn't have many party-going friends, it was tough luck. Considering that partying has been a part of human culture for ages, why does this problem still persist?

Even when the founder reached the age requirement, some problems remained. Each venue had a different process for getting on the guestlist, whether it involved emailing, commenting on a Facebook post, or messaging a bouncer they met at the gym. Did they really have to sign up for multiple ticketing platforms just to purchase event tickets?

The feeling of the nightlife being overly complicated persisted, especially when traveling to a different city. There were no friends to ask for recommendations and no contacts to help with guestlist access. Figuring out details like entry fees, music genres, or dress codes became nearly impossible.

The concept

The idea for Nytez originated in 2014, when the founder faced challenges in understanding the nightlife scene. This problem should have been solved long ago, but even in 2022, it persisted. During a trip to Asia, the founder realized that this issue was not limited to their local area but was a global problem that could be addressed with a simple solution. This realization gave birth to Nytez.

The founder began jotting down ideas, creating designs, and contacting venues. They built a prototype to showcase their vision for the solution. They asked themselves, "Which problems did I face at 18 that still exist now, almost ten years later?" Once the idea was finalized and documented, the founder decided to expedite the process and sought assistance from a close friend in developing the application.

A couple of months later, the Nytez app was released.

Here are some examples that you can search for in the app:

  • What are the best bars in Zürich, Geneva, Bern and Basel?
  • Where can I find open bars and clubs near me?
  • Where can I find LGBTQI+ friendly bars in my area?
  • Where can I find cheap bars near me?
  • What are the opening hours of Amber Bar, Urban Club, Club Variete, Bar Lupo, Milchbar, Loft Five, Kaufleten Club and Kweer bar?
  • Where can I find a sports bar near me?
  • What are the best bars in Zürich?
  • What clubs are open tonight?
  • What bars are open tonight?

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